Draining the Swamp
The NESARA Story

by Dr. Harvey F. Barnard
The NESARA Institute
Greenwell Springs, LA

(c) 1996, 2005 The NESARA Institute
384 pages

0-9651124-0-3 (hard cover)

From the Flap --

Did you ever feel like the little kid in the back of the room? You know the answer, keep waving your hand, but nobody ever calls on you.

People are angry with politics-as-usual. They are tired of worthless political promises and weary of endless discussions and debates over the color of a fresh coat of paint to hide Americaís problems. They want intelligent action and they want it now.

What they urgently need is a detailed plan, a simple strategy to attack a multitude of troubles ó perhaps the one in this book.

Draining the Swamp offers a new theory of money with specific proposals for replacing the nationís outdated monetary and tax policies, all designed to benefit you. This plan calls for general prosperity without sacrifice, not some complex redistribution scheme contrived as patronage for Washington power brokers and special interests. Best of all, it is written in plain language, not legalese.

If you want to be part of the crusade to fix the nationís problems, you need this information. It sets a new course toward the American dream, toward a richer life for you and your family. This new direction for the Ship of State promises to double your standard of living within one generation.


About the Author --

Dr. Harvey F. Barnard writes about money but is not an economist, about banking but is not a banker, about law but is not a lawyer, about morality but is not a minister, about history but is not a historian, about society but is not a sociologist, and about politics but is not a politician. He begin his career as a systems troubleshooter, the person you call to "fix it" when itís broke. For the last thirty years he has worked as a technical consultant teaching large system troubleshooting techniques to a variety of clients. His search for a root cause and the solutions to Americaís problems started in the late 60s. A professor at Louisiana State University casually remarked in one of his lectures that some social and economic problems could be analyzed and solved with the same tools and techniques used to solve industrial problems. That observation launched a personal project that became a crusade, driven by the challenge to just do it.

Dr. Harvey F. Barnard


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